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Southeast Vermont Transit operates The MOOver, the best resort community transit system in Vermont. Our trademark buses sport a Holstein motif, making the MOOver easy to "spot" and fun to ride! The MOOver is free, and last year provided 290,867 rides. We provide year-round deviated fixed route and demand-response services. Deviations are available up to 1/4 of a mile upon request at least 24 hours advance. To request a deviation call us at (802) 464-8487.

All schedules are subject to change due to weather, traffic conditions, funding or other factors.



  January 21, 2017

             Wilmington – MOOver General Manager Jan Terk announced her departure date of September 1, 2017 to enjoy retirement.

            Terk has been with the company for 17 years, starting in 2000 as Special Programs Manager. On July 1, 2015, she became the MOOver’s General Manager, replacing Randy Schoonmaker who became CEO when the MOOver and The Current companies merged to form Southeast Vermont Transit.

            Terk was a key part of the company’s new $5.5 million facility. She managed nine grants, loans, and funding sources, as well as assisting with procurement and management of the project. She also developed the region’s Elderly and Disabled transportation program, helping hundreds of the Valley’s seniors get to meal sites, adult day care, shopping, and medical appointments.

            “We will miss her very, very much” said Schoonmaker. “Jan is highly organized and efficient, and she made a huge difference in a company as small as ours.”

            Prior to the MOOver, Terk worked at Mount Snow for more than 10 years in various positions. She also worked at Timber Creek for a short time.

             For more information call (802) 464-8487.