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Southeast Vermont Transit operates The MOOver, the best resort community transit system in Vermont. Our trademark buses sport a Holstein motif, making the MOOver easy to "spot" and fun to ride! The MOOver is free, and last year provided 290,867 rides. We provide year-round deviated fixed route and demand-response services. Deviations are available up to 1/4 of a mile upon request at least 24 hours advance. To request a deviation call us at (802) 464-8487.

All schedules are subject to change due to weather, traffic conditions, funding or other factors.



 March 25, 2017

      WILMINGTON:  Head Mechanic Glen Beattie has left the company after 17 years to pursue a new career, and Assistant Mechanic Dave Meeks has been promoted in his place.

            Beattie worked alone in the old Barnboard Factory’s one-bay garage for many years. He inherited a ragtag fleet and slowly built a series of fleets to meet the growing need as the company rapidly expanded. He brought a highly-effective preventative maintenance approach to the fleet, saving the company thousands of dollars and preventing service failures.

            Beattie is starting a new career at Rescue, Inc. in Townshend, where he will help with emergency response and maintain their fleet.

            “Glen is one of the smartest people I’ve ever known, and he made a huge contribution to our company for a very long time”, said Randy Schoonmaker, SEVT CEO. “He kept pace with emerging technology, and stretched the life of our fleet. He and Dave also designed our new maintenance bays, which are state of the art.”

            Dave Meeks worked with Beattie for 12 years, and expanded his knowledge of diesel technology and repairs. He led the company’s foray into biodiesel production, and has also kept pace with emerging technology. He will assume responsibility for the MOOver’s 28 buses, plus a half dozen service and support vehicles.

            Both mechanics developed the MOOver’s proprietary bike and ski racks that have been copied by several transit systems. Their designs enable the company’s buses to carry more bikes than factory-built racks, and their ski racks hold far more skis than any commercial product.

            “We are so fortunate that Dave accepted this position. It is important to promote from within whenever possible, and he has earned the respect of his co-workers and managers. It also fortunate for us that we have continuity in fleet management and maintenance that has worked so well for us for 17 years” said Schoonmaker.   

             For more information call the MOOver at 464-8487.