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    Each year the DVTA fields numerous ride requests that cannot be done through bus or van service. The DVTA Volunteer Network began in 2002 with four volunteers, and has grown to 20 volunteers in 2013. Volunteers are paid the GSA rate for the mileage, and a token amount to wait while patients receive care such as dialysis and chemotherapy.

    They do primarily medical trips for seniors and Medicaid patients. They are especially key for dialysis patients who require early morning trips, several hours of waiting for the volunteer, and then a return trip home in all kinds of weather.

    These trips in many cases develop a unique bond between driver and client. Volunteers do this without significant pay or attention, and their work is crucial to life-sustaining functions. Similar to adult day care and meal site transportation, volunteer work allows seniors to stay at home longer, relieves family or caregivers of some responsibility, and makes an unseen but huge difference in the community.

    To date, our volunteers have traveled 282,370 miles and provided 5,152 rides. From July 2011-June 2012, DVTA volunteers performed 562 trips over 26,182 miles!

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    Patti Buck

    John Denley

    Mary Schoonmaker

    Richard Severance

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    Sue Newman

    Marcia Dorey

    Tom Finnell

    Jan Terk

    To become a volunteer call Jan Terk at (802)464-8487