Support Us

There are three ways you can support The MOOver.

1. Donation 
Please consider making a charitable contribution to the MOOver. With your tax-deductible donation you are supporting our mission, riders, and the region. Invest in your community by clicking this Donate button. Thank you!

2. Sponsorships
Our eye-catching vehicles are everywhere, and they are large moving billboards in 35 towns and two states. We accept sponsorship messages on the side and rear windows of our vehicles and in some bus shelters. We also have inside the bus sponsorships as well. There is no better way to get your message to our region’s residents and visitors than a MOOver sponsorship.

View our sponsorship video here

Mount Snow Region Sponsorship Package

Southeast Vermont Sponsorship Package

For more information please email Randy Schoonmaker.

3. Volunteer Driver Information
The MOOver works with volunteer drivers to provide rides for those in need. Volunteers can drive as little or as much as they wish, and they are re-imbursed at the current GSA mileage rate which is not considered taxable income. Volunteer drivers must have a valid driver’s license, auto insurance, and a good driving record. Most trips are for medical appointments for those without transportation, so our volunteers derive the satisfaction of knowing they make a difference in people’s lives.

Click here for our Volunteer Driver Information packet