101 Route 101 Shopper

Route 101 Shopper

On the first and third Wednesday of the month the MOOver operates service from Ludlow-Chester-Springfield-Exit 8 conecting to the Windsor MicroMOO to Claremont for shopping. Reservations are required by calling us at least 24 hours in advance at 1-888-869-6287 or (802) 460-7433.

All MOOver routes are fare free!

Chester Senior Center 9:00 AM
Ludlow (Gill Terrace) 9:30
Springfield Plaza 10:05
Exit 8 meet the MicroMOO 10:25
Claremont Walmart 10:45
McDonalds or Burger King 12:00 PM
Hannaford on request
Market Basket 12:30
Hannaford on request
Exit 8 meet the MicroMOO 2:00
Springfield Plaza 2:20-2:30
Ludlow (Gill Terrace) 2:45-2:50
Chester Senior Center 3:15-3:30
End of Route