Route Updates

From time to time we may need to update our Routes. If there are any changes and or updates you’ll find the details below.

On August 2nd the MOOver will return to its pre-pandemic Brattleboro bus schedules including the resumption of Blue Line service. Blue Line stops that have not been serviced during the pandemic but will once again be served are the Brattleboro Music Center, Winston Prouty Center, Living Memorial Park, Cotton Mill, the new Groundworks Shelter, Omega, Exit 1 Industrial Park, and the Guilford Country Store. Signs, ads, riders handouts and new schedule brochures will be distributed shortly. The website will have the August 2nd schedules posted shortly as well. For more information call 1-888-869-6287 or .

Although we welcome the Governor’s and the CDC’s recent info on mask wearing, please remember that masks are still required in all MOOver vehicles. Public transit is governed by the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) and the US Dept. of Transportation which still requires face coverings on all public transit vehicles. Thank you for your cooperation!