CURRENT Buses Starting To Sport Spots

July 30, 2020

ROCKINGHAM, VT – It will be easy to spot a Current bus now that some of them have their new Holstein spots.

Earlier this year, Southeast Vermont Transit (SEVT) decided to rebrand The Current as The MOOver using the name same Holstein spot theme as the MOOver division in Wilmington. This requires removing the Current design and graphics and installing spots on 21 buses. Uniforms, websites, route schedules, and bus stops will all be changed to the one, Holstein theme by the end of this year.

The first two buses have been completed, including the 40-foot Gillig bus pictured above. Seven of the 21 buses are being spotted by YIPES! in Burlington, while 14 will done by The MOOver’s own sign shop in Wilmington. When complete, there will be 49 buses in southern Vermont to have this design.

Each bus has destination signs and will have placards with their route name and number to help riders tell them apart.

“This is one of the final steps in the merger of our two divisions” said SEVT General Manager Christine Howe. “Instead of being two divisions we will be one company with one image.”      

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