MOOver Adds Three New Buses To The Fleet

February 13, 2020

WILMINGTON – The MOOver added three new buses to its fleet this week just ahead of the busy holiday weekend.

Three 34-seat Champion buses mounted on Freightliner chassis were delivered recently. They will be spotted in the spring but are needed now as back-ups for the winter season. They cost close to $200,000 each, with 90% of the cost being paid by the Federal Transit Administration and the Vermont Agency of Transportation. They are clean-diesel buses with a handicap lift, drop chains, and studded snow tires. MOOver staff added ski racks, two-way radios, sponsor messages, and temporary logos. These buses have a useful life of at least seven years and at least 200,000 miles.

The MOOver now has 28 buses. Because of undercoating and extensive preventative maintenance practices the company has kept older buses for seasonal use while the newer ones are aged on a schedule, thus increasing the size of the fleet.