MOOver Announces 2020/21 Winter Schedule

November 9, 2020

WILMINGTON – The MOOver starts its 2020-21 winter schedule on Thursday, November 26th.

 The Mount Snow route begins service Thanksgiving Day, with Route 1A and the Upper Parking lot routes opening the next day. Due to staffing shortages, there is no Timber Creek, Greenspring, Bears Crossing/Suntec and Kingswood routes this year.

The Route 100 MOOver starts weekdays at 6:45 am on Monday, December 14th, and resumes 5:45 am weekend starts on Saturday, December 12th. Also starting that day is nightly service until 11:00 pm. The special 5:00 pm MOOver that leaves Mount Snow runs weekends starting daily December 19th.

Ski racks have been installed on all buses, and the bike racks have been removed, so bikes are not allowed onboard the buses until next spring.            

For more information, call (802) 464-8487.