Release Date: May 3, 2023

  WILMINGTON:  The MOOver encourages the public to join us in Park Your Carbon Week May 15-19th.

            Park your Carbon Week is a week-long initiative to help change Vermonters’ transportation and commuting habits by encouraging green ways of travel. Reducing the miles we drive is a great way to reduce air pollution. Try walking or biking to your destination and emit zero pollutants by riding the MOOver or sharing a ride with someone who lives nearby.

If every Vermonter opted for one greener travel option, we could reduce tons of carbon pollution in just one week! The number one contributor to carbon pollution in Vermont is transportation and the majority is from people driving alone. There are many benefits beyond the urgent need for our world. You can reduce congestion on Vermont’s roadways, downtown parking spots,  and at pickup time in front of your child’s school.

Park Your Carbon Week is sponsored by GoVermont.

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