OCTOBER 4, 2021

WILMINGTON, VT   The MOOver will extend its Wilmington-West Dover bus route service to Butterfield Commons starting October 18, 2021.

The bus will stop there at 35 minutes past the hour from 8:35 am-5:35 pm daily year-round. It will drop off there after 5:35 pm on request by an on-board passenger on the days that the Route 100 service runs until 11:00 pm. The bus will pick and drop off in front of the main building, and any bus going into Butterfield will have a wheelchair lift, bike rack, or ski rack.

Existing Medicaid and Elderly and/or Disabled services provided by the MOOver will continue as they always have at Butterfield. These routes connected Butterfield residents to health care appointments, meal sites, shopping trips, and adult day care from the time Butterfield was built.

“We are very excited to provide service to the Butterfield community” said Randy Schoonmaker, SEVT CEO. “A change in schedule times along our busiest route has freed up the necessary amount of time to stop there year-round.”

The Wilmington-West Dover route is the hub of the MOOver’s hub and spoke system. At the Wilmington end it connects to buses going to Brattleboro, Bennington, and Readsboro. At the West Dover end, it connects to eight seasonal routes. This hub route had no spare time since it took a full 30 minutes or more to travel up or down the Valley and transfer riders going to other destinations. In Brattleboro and Bennington, the MOOver meets with many other routes, Amtrak, and Greyhound so timely and reliable transfers are important.

When the Wilmington-West Dover route went to the Health Center it did not have time add any stops located off Route 100. The Health Center is now an on-call stop, which frees up enough time to go to Butterfield Commons.

Recently, Butterfield residents were surveyed to see if and when they would use the service. Since most respondents replied that they would use it mornings and afternoons, the scheduled stops are from 8:35 am-5:35 pm. However, anyone wishing for service on the first run or on the later weekend and holiday times can request a pick up or drop off.

“We thank Becky Arbella from SASH for being a great partner. We look forward to adding more service to the Butterfield community” said Schoonmaker.