MOOver Re-Branding Almost Complete

November 9, 2020

ROCKINGHAM – The nearly year-long re-branding effort to convert The Current into the MOOver is almost complete.

Both Southeast Vermont Transit (SEVT) divisions are nicknamed The MOOver. To differentiate between the two, the company will use the names Rockingham MOOver and the Wilmington MOOver.

All of Rockingham’s buses will have their Holstein spots by early winter. Bus stop signs, uniforms, schedules, stationary, and building signs say or will say MOOver by next month. A new single website is being created, and the existing MOOver logo will be retained.

“We are so much more one company now than the two divisions we once were”, said Randy Schoonmaker, SEVT CEO. “Our Rockingham staff have bought into the re-branding so well and are so supportive. Riders too are enjoying the new image”

One of the advantages has been the moving of buses between Rockingham and Wilmington. Vehicles are moved frequently for a number of reasons, and as such the 50-bus fleet is more efficient.

For more information call 802-460-7433 ext. 201.