January 4, 2022

BRATTLEBORO: Southeast Vermont Transit (SEVT aka the MOOver) is surveying riders and non-riders in the Brattleboro area during the month of January.

            SEVT does periodic rider surveys and has not done any in Brattleboro since the routes were re-designed in 2019. The survey asks a number of questions ranging from how to contact riders to any changes/improvements they would like to see.

            “The Brattleboro Community has always provided plenty of valuable feedback when asked,” said Randy Schoonmaker, SEVT CEO. “We think this month is a good time to survey the community and see what riders and non-riders are thinking.”

            The rider survey is handed out during the month of January on the Red, White, and Blue Line buses. The survey can be also be accessed via the link or via any of the MOOver’s social media platforms.The non-rider survey is available online only via the link or via any of the company’s social media platforms.